Portree Bay and Harbour, August '82

The little town of Portree is the "capital" of Skye. It's of modest size and would be no more than a tiny provincial town in most parts of England, but out here it's the biggest town for fifty miles or more. The town itself is not particularly handsome close up but its setting is magnificent. The picturesque harbour opens into the wider bay, framed by Beinn Tianavaig opposite. From "The Lump", the tiny hill to the east of the harbour, not only does Portree look its best but distant views of the Cuillin and the Storr are revealed, and once again Skye works its magic and leaves you breathless with awe.
Looking acraoss the harbourside to "The Lump". It's perhaps "An Meall" in Gaelic though I've never heard it so named.
Portree harbour, with fishing nets in the foreground and cottages climbing away from the waterfront beyond.
A view from the Lump, across Portree bay to Beinn Tianavaig.
We're looking past Beinn Tianavaig to Raasay.
Beinn Tianavaig again, across Portree bay.
The southern reaches of Portree bay, framed by trees.
I'm sure the owners of these boats arranged them especially for my picture.
Portree Harbour seen from the Lump.
Portree looks at its best from up here, particularly with the ghostly shape of the Storr out to the north.
On another day, the sun glints on the southern reaches of Portree bay, with the Cuillin seen in the distance.

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