Whinlatter Forest

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The Whinlatter Forest area lies on the northwestern edge of the Lake District, west of Bassenthwaite Lake and north of the Whinlatter Pass, overlooking the town of Cockermouth. There are but seven fells in the group, of which the highest is the 1811ft Lord's Seat. Four of these seven form a horseshoe around Aiken Beck, which drains westwards to the Vale of Lorton and the River Cocker. Of the other three, two are isolated grassy hills to the north of the group overlooking the vale of Embleton, while the other - which carries the unlikely name of Barf - is properly just a "top" of Lord's Seat, but is both a dramatic viewpoint for Bassenthwaite and a striking, sheer-sided peak when seen from below.

Barf's steep flanks excepted, these hills are generally gently rounded and unassuming, and a good proportion of their slopes are given over to man-made forestry plantations. A visitor centre at the summit of the Whinlatter Pass encourages some casual access to the hills, but otherwise they tend to be relatively lonely and unfrequented.

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Whinlatter Forest fells,  5th May 1996

Four fells on the northwestern edge of the Lake District

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