The Kentmere Group

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The Kentmere group forms the southern half of Wainwright's Far Eastern Fells. It includes the fells of the Kentmere horseshoe - the Ill Bell ridge to the west of the Kent valley and the Mardale Ill Bell ridge to the east - and extends north to include the group's parent fell of High Street, west to the satellite ridge of Stony Cove Pike and its neighbours, and southwest to include a handful of isolated lesser heights down to the fringes of Windermere such as Wansfell and Sour Howes.

It's lonely country. Long, grassy ridges connect the tops and the group is very similar to the neighbouring Fairfield Horseshoe to the west in that respect, but there are fewer villages and roads on the periphery and access is consequently more awkward. Those who do walk these fells are rewarded by a huge sense of freedom and space, and once you get the initial climb under your belt you can stride out and wander these ridges for hours. Kentmere is the best access point for the horseshoe itself, Stony Cove Pike and its neighbours are best approached from Patterdale or Brothers Water, while the lesser fells to the southwest can be accessed from Ambleside, Troutbeck or Windermere. To the east are the unfequented fells of Long Sleddale while to the north, High Street connects with another complex series of ridges laying between Haweswater and Ullswater.

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The Kentmere Horseshoe, June 1989

An introduction to part of this rewarding circular expedition from Kentmere, with a diversion to High Street.

Wansfell and Baystones, April 2006

A short walk from Ambleside.

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