The Great Gable group

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Great Gable is England's seventh highest mountain. From Wasdale, which it overlooks, it appears as a massive, unassailable cone and doubtless this aspect of the mountain has given it its name. From other directions, however, it is revealed as a dome-shaped top supported by Green Gable, its lesser neighbour. Despite its elevation and its somewhat fearsome appearance, its ascent is straightforward and is one of Lakeland's most popular expeditions.

The fell occupies a strategic geographical position in Lakeland, standing at the apex of two ridge systems; the Pillar group, laying between Wasdale and Ennerdale, and the High Stile group, between Ennerdale and Wasdale. This section deals with Gable itself and its immediate neighbours. In the Pillar direction Gable's principal outlier is Kirk Fell, bounded in the west by Black Sail pass. In the High Stile direction Green Gable rises immediately beyond Windy Gap, then falls to a wide col beyond which lie Brandreth and Grey Knotts, plus the northeastern offshoot of Base Brown. Brandreth itself forms an extensive plateau to the west from which rise the headwaters of the river Cocker (which flows into Buttermere and then Crummock Water). The western edge of this plateau rises again to form two more summits; the rambling, intricate and tarn-pocked Haystacks, and quarry-riven Fleetwith Pike (seen as a steep cone from Buttermere below). In this direction the group is bounded by Scarth Gap pass. To the east, the group's boundary is marked by Sty Head pass, the walking route between Wasdale and Borrowdale.

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Green Gable and Great Gable, June 1st 1982

My second Lakeland fellwalk
Brandreth plateau, April 14th 1985

An aborted attempt on Gable just after Easter

Base Brown and Green Gable, 3rd June 1991

A rare June snowfall on the tops, preceded by swirling mists on Base Brown

The Coast-to-Coast Walk, 13th August 1993

Honister to Black Sail, tackled as part of the Coast-to-Coast walk.

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