Base Brown and Green Gable, 6th June 1991

Seathwaite from Gillercombe

The well-known route to Stockley Bridge from Borrowdale passes through Stan Edmondson's farm at Seathwaite. Today I'm taking a less frequented route, having turned right under the arch at the farm. This path gives access to the hanging valley of Gillercombe.

Sour Milk Gill

The water cascade in Gillercombe is named Sour Milk Gill (or Ghyll), one of several waterfalls in the Lakes bearing the same name.


The view from above Sour Milk Gill, looking back at Borrowdale. The path goes on to ascend the relatively unvisited fell of Base Brown, 2120ft above sea level.

Mists on Base Brown

As I strolled across the wide summit of Base Brown wisps of mist began to form and drift across the landscape. There was very little wind.

Mists on Base Brown (2)

It was a ghostly feeling, watching the wispy mists forming and vanishing a few feet above the surface. 

Mists on Base Brown (3)

It really needed a camcorder to capture the effect but, with only a still camera to hand, I did the best I could to capture the mood.

Mists on Base Brown (4)

A view of Bowfell through the mists

Mists on Base Brown (5)

The summit cairn

Mists on Base Brown (6)

The view over upper Borrowdale towards Ullscarf and Helvellyn

Mists on Base Brown (7)

The mists swirl across the rock outcrops of the summit plateau, revealing clouds over the Scafells two miles to the southeast.

Mists on Base Brown (8)

Another shot of the clouds boiling over the Scafells

Mists on Base Brown (9)

The storm passing to the east

Stockley Bridge from Base Brown

It's not readily appreciated from Stockley Bridge that Base Brown's sumit lies almost directly alongside. The bridge is to the left, with Grains Gill heading to the right.

Base Brown

The mists recede, shortly to reveal a new dusting of snow on the tops - unusual for June.

Snowstorm on Green Gable

Esk Pike and the Scafells are seen from the col between Base Brown and Green Gable

Snowstorm on Green Gable (2)

The mists gather in Sty Head below as I reach the first patch of fresh snow

Snowstorm on Green Gable (3)

The view in the Ennerdale direction from the snow-dusted summit dome of Green Gable

Snowstorm on Green Gable (4)

Looking east from the ascent path towards Sprinkling Tarn

Snowstorm on Green Gable (5)

Looking up at Gable Crag, with the new snow clinging to the vertical faces.

Aaron Slack

Aaron Slack is the corrie leading down from Windy Gap (the col between the Gables) to Sty Head Tarn, seen below. The Slack is a much easier descent route than the Breast Route path on Gable itself. Great End is seen to the right, with the path up to Sprinkling Tarn and Esk Hause centre.

Aaron Slack (2)

From halfway down Aaron Slack we look across to the Scafells, in cloud again and presumably getting yet another dusting of snow.

From Sty Head I ascended again to Sprinkling Tarn and then returned to Seathwaite via Grains Gill.

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