Afternoon drive to Ennerdale Bridge, 26th May 1986

Ennerdale Water

An attempted round of Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head having been abandoned due to high winds, we've driven out to Ennerdale Bridge for our first ever look at Ennerdale Water. It's early evening and the low sun casts a strong golden glow over the scene.

Lower Ennerdale

The pastures northwest of Ennerdale water with the flanks of Bowness Knott to the left.

Lower Ennerdale (2)

Great Borne (2019ft) rises behind Bowness Knott.

Ennerdale Water and pine trees

I spent several minutes composing this shot of Ennerdale Water against the setting sun. I couldn't resist the soft, limpid sky and the backdrop of a stand of pines in silhouette. It was worth it, because I still think this is the best photo I have ever taken. 

Ennerdale Water and Pillar

Looking the other way from the same point, and what a contrast - cloud beginning to drape itself over Pillar.

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