Watendlath, High Tove and Bleaberry Fell, 31st July 1992


Today's walk begins at Rosthwaite in Borrowdale. I'm ascending the path to Watendlath and looking back. The fells surrounding Stonethwaite and Seatoller are well seen (but I can't identify the fell seen through the col just right of centre, anyone care to enlighten me? My guess is that it's Great End)

Rosthwaite - Watendlath path

The path runs slightly north of east and crosses a low ridge south of Grange Fell.

Rosthwaite - Watendlath path (2)

Watendlath begins to come into view


Watendlath, a cluster of farm cottages owned and leased by the National Trust, nestles at a height of 1000ft at the head of a lonely valley leading upwards from the southern end of Derwentwater.

Watendlath (2)

Watendlath and its tarn. The tarn sometimes freezes over in winter.

Watendlath (3)

Another view of Watendlath and the tarn as we descend the path.

Watendlath Tarn

The tarn, backed by one of the tops of Ullscarf in the distance

Watendlath Tarn (2)

Great Crag overtops this view of the tarn

Watendlath (4)

The centre of the village. Refreshments are available at one of the farm cottages.

Watendlath (5)

A view of Watendlath Beck as it begins its short journey down to Derwentwater. One of the tops of Grange Fell appears in the middle distance.

Watendlath (6)

I've climbed the eastward path towards Thirlmere. This is a retrospective view of Watendlath.

High Tove

The Watendlath-Thirlmere path crosses the flat, boggy Central fells ridge in the vicinity of High Seat  This shot was taken a couple of hundred yards short of the summit, looking westwards. Dale Head is just left of centre.

High Tove (2)

High Tove, 1665ft, at the summit of the path. Eel Crag and Grizedale Pike are seen in the distance.

Armboth Fell

One of Wainwright's most obscure fells - to most people it's really just another top of Ullscarf. It can only be reached by wading through a sea of heather.

Armboth Fell (2)

A far-off view of Blencathra from the top of Armboth Fell.

Bleaberry Fell

Bleaberry Fell, 1932ft, is a superb viewpoint 2 miles north of High Tove. The two are connected via the intermediate top of High Seat by a rather boggy path. We're looking northwestwards across Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite. Skiddaw rises to the right.

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