Wild camp in Langstrathdale, 7th June 1989

Tray Dub wild camp

After a first climb of Ullscaft and High Raise the previous day, Graham and I are fulfilling an ambition to spend a night in the wild. This is the view from our tent door at 8am. We're camped at a locality named Tray Dub, at the junction of Stake Pass with Langstrath 

Tray Dub wild camp (2)

A view of upper Langstrath from the watersmeet near our campsite

Tray Dub wild camp (3)

Our campsite seen from the lower reaches of Stake Pass

Tray Dub wild camp (4)

Tray Dub, looking north along the length of Langstrath. Glaramara lies to the left, with High Raise to the right. Can you see the tent?

Tray Dub wild camp (5)

Looking up Stake Pass from Tray Dub. What a lovely spot to cook breakfast!

Tray Dub wild camp (6)

Graham busy near the tent after breakfast

Tray Dub Force

It's not named on the map but this seems an obvious name for this lovely water cascade, just upstream from the watersmeet in the main Langstrath valley

Tray Dub Force (2)

Very slightly upstream from the main fall. We're looking into the upper reaches of Langstrath. Rosset Pike is straight ahead, with Esk Pike at the head of the valley to the right.

Tray Dub Force (3)

The waterfall seen from the right bank, a hundred yards downstream

Tray Dub Force (4)

A view from right beside the fall. It is in colour, honest!

Tray Dub Force (5)

The falls with Rossett Pike in the background

Tray Dub Force (6)

Graham contemplates the falls

Tray Dub Force (7)

...and this is the view he was getting

Tray Dub Force (8)

Looking downstream from the same viewpoint. Allen Crags and Glaramara look down from the left.

Tray Dub Force (9)

A close-up of the cascade from the left bank

Tray Dub Force (10)

Graham observes the falls from above


Looking backwards during the walk out to Stonethwaite.

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