Email Spoofing (Faking or Forging) of addresses

Any spam email you have received did not come from me.

I am the victim of spammers who are forging/faking/spoofing email addresses. The spam was not sent from me, or from Astrohosts (who host my website).  It is totally beyond my control, and I regret very much that I cannot stop it.

Non-existent email addresses are being given as the "return" address in spam email, for example,,  or countless other variations.  If you have received such spam email I am sorry, but I emphasize that it was nothing to do with me and was beyond my control.

The people who do this are invariably criminals who disguise themselves by using others' domain names. If they make up a non-existent name it is rejected by mailservers around the world, so instead they use a real one. They don't care whose email address they use. They don't care about the anger and frustration they cause, either to the recipients of their spam or to the owner of the email address they are using.

Please don't do anything which could result in being blocked or blacklisted.  I am not the only domain owner whose name is being abused in this fashion, so please do what you can to help. The single most useful thing you can do is to disable the automatic "bounce" facility of your email spam filter - this will stop emails being bounced back to the innocent site they appear to have come from, and will help prevent my mailbox, and the mailboxes of all others whose domain name is being similarly abused. from being clogged up.

Thank you for your understanding.

Page updated 2 November 2011

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