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Sadly John died suddenly and unexpectedly of a blood clot in early October 2011 following a brief bout of pneumonia from which he seemed to be recovering well. His friends and former colleagues were all anxious that this web site should be preserved in John's memory and action has now been taken which will assure this.

This site is now maintained and preserved in his honour, by his (almost) life-long friend Mike Brown of Astrohosts as curator.

The intention is now to preserve the content of John's site pretty much as-is, but over time I intend to go through it, tidying up, correcting odd typos and fixing or removing broken links as appropriate. If you spot anything which you feel needs attention feel free to drop me a line.

For this reincarnation of the site have dropped the image protection which John had previously put in place. The online versions are not especially hi-res by today's standards and you are welcome to use them for any non-commercial purposes.

John had begun to make high-resoulution copies available on CD-ROM, something which I may be able to continue to do at some point in the future. If there's anything specific you're interested in please let me know so that I can guage what demand there might be for them.

I am not a walker or a climber so I am unable to answer questions concerning the content of this site, however should you feel the need to contact me you can do so via the mail form below. Other email links found elsewhere on this site no longer work.


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If you would care to contribute towards the cost of maintaining this site you can do so via the donations page.

Page updated 2 November 2011