Pitlochry and Loch Faskally, May 2001

These photos were taken on the morning of Tuesday May 8th, during the couple of hours I spent waiting for the train home.
The Faskally Dam, only a few hundred yards west of Pitlochry town centre, houses a hydroelectric power station. A walkway across the dam allows visitors to view the power station's turbine hall and also the dam's salmon ladder on the far side.
Loch Faskally stretches northwards from the dam for a few miles.
Another shot of the Faskally Dam..
The driveway from the dam to the town is a noted tourist pull-in and the surrounding greenswards seem to be a favoured area for the townspeople to exercise their dogs. Ben Vrackie is seen overlooking the town.
Loch Faskally from the grassy rise to the left of the driveway.
The town and the slopes of Vrackie from the same spot.
A garden cafe just off the driveway to the dam became a favourite haunt of mine during my three-day stay.
The back gardens of the Fishers Hotel in the town centre, seen from the railway station car park.
Pitlochry town centre - fine stone architecture typical of the region.
The old mill and mill stream just to the east of the town centre.
A little park just off the high street where the mill stream emerges.
The Fishers Hotel, and a bit of wrought iron sculpture outside the bank.
A final shot of Pitlochry high street before I wandered back to the hotel for my bags before catching the train home. I was sorry to leave.

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