Sandy Lodge, in Bedfordshire, is the headquarters of the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protectopn of Birds).

The lodge is situated just two miles from my home and a visit makes a splendid Sunday afternoon walk. The lodge itself, an original country mansion, is just one of several adjoining buildings. Each one is in a different architectural style yet the mix manages to work - the place just looks as though it has evolved rather than been built, and the ensemble is most pleasing to the eye. The buildings are surrounded by ornamental gardens, which in turn are surrounded by woodlands. The grounds are not a bird reserve as such - there are certainly no exotic species - but the grounds, woods and a nearby lake provide a good mix of habitats and a couple of observation hides are provided. Although one is expected to pay to enter the grounds, a public footpath runs right through the woods and very close to the house and gardens.

These photos were taken one Sunday afternoon in the early spring of 2003. I thought the light was especially beautiful.

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