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Three views of Charterhouse Square

Charterhouse is a minor public school (for overseas readers, this means a private, or fee-paying school) situated right on Islington's southern edge just outside the City of London. I can find very little information on the school or its history, apart from the fact that some of the buildings here date from the fourteenth century and survived the Great Fire of London. One of my guidebooks states "Foundation of Charterhouse, Clerkenwell, 1371" on a summary page but further down also gives the information, "1611, Charterhouse School founded by Thomas Sutton". Maps of the area around 1570 show Charterhouse surrounded by the city wall on two sides and the grounds of St Bartholomew's hospital and priory on the other two. The hospital still occupies the same site and Charterhouse Square, seen above, has probably looked much the same for the last four hundred years. It remains as a quiet corner of London far removed from the bustle of the adjacent City.

Map showing Charterhouse by
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