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Modern architecture around Ropemaker Street

There are a number of areas or actual streets in the City with names ending in "gate" - Aldgate, Ludgate, Bishopsgate, Cripplegate, Billingsgate, et al. They mark the positions of the original gates in the city wall, and of course are all found close to the boundaries with the City's neighbouring boroughs. Moorgate is one such area, sandwiched between Finsbury Circus (to the east) and the Barbican (to the west). Presumably there really was a moor (or a heath or an area of rough grazing) right outside the city wall at this point. But look at it now...

The images above were taken within a few yards of each other and depict some of the bold (and dare I say, rather pleasing) glass and steel constructions that have been erected along Ropemaker St, just off Moorgate itself, within the last handful of years. Ropemaker St actually forms the borough boundary with Islington, just a block south of Finsbury Square, and some of the buildings shown lie within Islington itself rather than the City.

Photographic note: Fujilabs insist that there is nothing wrong with these scans. I think they exhibit excessive digital noise in the darker areas. What do you, the viewers, think? Feedback welcome.

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