The grounds of the Inn on the Lake, 28th April 2000

I spent part of the Easter/Mayday holiday of 2000 at Glenridding. A few hours after I arrived it started to rain. It rained continuously for 3 days. It finally let up on the final evening, and the morning I had to leave was glorious. I grabbed these pictures in the hotel's grounds while waiting for the bus out to Penrith.
Inn on the Lake (formerly the Ullswater Hotel)

The Inn on the Lake is set in ample grounds, which include part of the lake's shoreline.


This lovely wooded outcrop, an outlier of Birkhouse Moor, overlooks Glenridding.

Keldas (2)

A longer shot of Keldas, with Kirkstone Pass to the left.


Ullswater from the hotel. Gowbarrow Fell is on the left, the slopes of Place Fell to the right.

Glenridding Dodd

A small but difficult fell, and another superb viewpoint for Glenridding village and the lake.

Ullswater (2)

Boats moored at the hotel's private pier

Ullswater (3)

Place Fell seen from the hotel gardens

Hotel gardens

The beautiful light speaks for itself

Ullswater (4)

A telephoto of the slopes of Place Fell acros the lake

Ullswater (5)

...with the famous Lakeland Daffodils, of course.

Ullswater (6)

A last look at this corner of Lakeland before I left for Keswick. The rest of the day was marred by cloud cover.


   Inn on the Lake

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