Buttermere Shoreline Circuit, 31st May 1985

Buttermere, eastern shore

Buttermere seen from the footpath south of the village. Haystacks is in the middle distance, while the slopes of High Stile are nearer and to the right.

Buttermere, eastern shore (2)

Fleetwith Pike is seen here across the length of Buttermere, shot from the outfall stream into nearby Crummock Water.

Burtness Wood

The path along the lake's southern shore passes among the oaks, pines and birches of Burtness Wood.

South shore

Hassness House is seen across the lake, with the slopes of Robinson beyond.

Fleetwith Pike and Gatescarth

Fleetwith Pike, with the grounds of Gatescarth Farm at its foot, seen across the southeastern corner of Buttermere.

Burtness Wood (2)

A retrospective view back along the southern shoreline path through Burtness Wood.

Haystacks from the north shore

Haystacks, and the flanks of High Stile, seen from the north shore of the lake near Hassness.

Buttermere, north shore

Looking westwards from the same point, towards High Crag

Haystacks and Buttermere

Haystacks and the bulk of Buttermere, seen from the north lakeshore by Hassness.

Sun glints on Buttermere

The sun glints on the surface of the lake, from the north shore between Hassnes and Buttermere village.

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