Friar's Crag walk, 30th April 1999

An evening walk to Friar's Crag from Keswick town centre.

Derwentwater from Friar's Crag

The scene at around 7.30pm looking southwards across Derwentwater. The little hill of Castle Crag appears in the middle distance, backed by Glaramara and Great End.
Skiddaw from Crow Park

Skiddaw, England's fourth highest mountain at 3053ft, towers over the Victorian hotels that front Crow Park in Keswick

Derwentwater from Crow Park

The lake looking very appealing in this soft evening light.

Derwentwater from Crow Park (2)

Distant views of Catbells and Robinson.

Derwentwater from Crow Park (3)

...with an inquisitive goose in the foreground

Derwentwater from Keswick Boat Landings

A scene of which I never tire. The sun setting over Grizedale Pike 

Derwentwater from Friar's Crag

Looking into the Jaws of Borrowdale

Derwentwater from Friar's Crag (2)

Trees, water, sky... perfection.

Derwentwater from Friar's Crag (3)

Holme Fell, Castle Crag and Great End are seen in the distance.

Derwentwater from Friar's Crag (4)

Causey Pike, and the setting sun glinting on the lake.

Calf Close Bay

...from Friar's Crag. The fell in the middle distance is Walla Crag.

Derwentwater from Calf Close Bay

The sun, reflected in the surface of Derwentwater, setting in the north west. The stand of trees nearby is Friar's Crag - the mountain in the distance is Grizedale Pike.

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