Crow Park, 30th April 2000

Crow Park and the adjoining Hope Park gardens, on the afternoon of 30th April after returning from the Dale Head - Catbells ridge.

Crow Park

Crow Park is an area of grazing land, owned by the National Trust, which seperates the town of Keswick from the north shore of Derwentwater. It's one of the Lake District's prime photographic viewpoints. Causey Pike is the prominent fell in the distance.
Hope Park gardens

Hope Park gardens, adjacent to Crow Park, are at their best in Spring. Skiddaw, still with a patch of snow, overtops the trees.

Hope Park Gardens (2)

Another view of mountain (Skiddaw) and parkland.

Hope Park Gardens (3)

Mountain, water, greenery - the Lake District in a nutshell.

Hope Park Gardens (4)

Tree blossom and ornamental woodwork add to the charm of this scene.

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